Thursday, 22 January 2015

Vintage Pattern Finds!

Hey guys! 

Yesterday me and some of my uni friends from the Bangor Craft and Sewing Society visited a vintage shop in the city. Wow, was that place amazing. The clothes were so beautiful and there was also a sale on - 25% off everything - to celebrate the New Year. 

Look what we picked up! 

24 vintage sewing patterns for £10. Granted, there are a couple of children's patterns and a maternity one in there that aren't much use to us, but the rest are definitely worth having! We basically bought everything they had. 

Most of these are eighties - there are some amazing looking shoulder pads in there - but also a couple of seventies, particularly a gorgeous looking bow blouse which I can't wait to crack open. 

I am running a dressmaking class in about a month's time as part of our two weekly workshop series, so I'm hoping to run over how to read a sewing pattern using these as examples. It should be really exciting! We also picked up a couple of Singer sewing machines in Aldi today (that's a British supermarket for international readers) for £80 each! Such a bargain. They belong to the society and should be really great for teaching people to sew. 

These patterns should be really great at helping me to fulfil my vintage pledge. I can see myself making even more than my pledged three at this rate! Totally got my eye on the skirt pattern second from the right on the bottom row. 

Hope you guys are all having a creative week! 

Beth x

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  1. Patterns look great. I bought my sewing machine from Lidles years ago. It's so good, someone once told me they have singer engines. I hope your are as cool!