Saturday, 25 July 2015

Blog Changes

Hello all!

As you've probably already noticed, my blog has suddenly undergone quite a few changes! The new look is something I've been planning for a while; I think it looks a lot cleaner and fresher. 

Essentially, everything that was here before is still in the same place, but I've added some new links to my navigation bar in order to make it easier for my readers to keep up with what I'm doing, using a variety of forms of social media. I thought this was important, both to ensure my blog keeps growing and expanding and to make sure I can connect with as many lovely crafty people as possible! After all, the greatest incentive for me to keep running my blog is being able to meet all my brilliant, inspiring readers. 

To accompany my new blog look, I've set up a Facebook page! I was unsure whether the size of my blog warranted it's own individual Facebook page, but I've taken the plunge and hope that it will enable me to better interact with everyone who wants to keep up with my news - if that's you, feel free to head on over there and throw a like my way! 

I've also formally signed up to Bloglovin! Bloglovin is a really useful site which allows you to easily follow all the blogs you are interested in so you never miss a post, including mine! You can follow my blog here, or download the app here

All the links to where you might find me can always be accessed via the sidebar and navigation bar. I'm on Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ as well as Facebook and Bloglovin, so do feel free to follow along and see what I'm up to! If you fancy a chat about anything you read on the blog, I can also be reached via my email

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new site look as much as I do! 

Beth x


  1. Blog is looking great. I've started cleaning mine up as well. Just followed you on Instagram as well. Thinking about how to do Facebook myself, wanting to keep the sewing accounts somewhat separate to my personal one

    1. thank you :) yes, i wanted to keep my blog and personal facebook pages separate too, so just set up an individual page for my blog