Sunday, 10 July 2016

Checking In

Hey guys!

Can you believe it's July already? This year is just flying past. I'm having a lovely time so far this summer and, with all the free time I have on my hands, I've already completed my Outfit-Along jumper! I'm usually a fantastically slow knitter, but I was really motivated to finish this project and finished weaving in the ends today. Now I just have to sew up the Sewaholic Cambie in some gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn I have and my outfit will be complete.

My phone is being a huge pain at the moment and isn't letting me take photographs, but a new phone is on the way! It's due for delivery on Tuesday so fingers crossed I'll finally be able to photograph and blog some long-finished makes. I know I haven't blogged about any actual sewing for a while, but that doesn't mean I've been completely idle, I promise! I've got two dresses to share with you - and at the end of July I'll be sharing my Outfit-Along with you, so watch this space for those.

Apart from that, there's not much news from around here; I mostly spend my days watching Netflix in my pyjamas. Last week was lovely though, my boyfriend came to stay for a few days and it was great to spend time with him, especially since I'd not seen him since leaving university for summer nearly a month ago. I've also got a trip to Norway coming up in a couple of weeks, so that should be a fantastic experience and allows me to tick off another place on the list of countries I've visited.

Have you got any plans for summer? I'd love to hear about them!

As always, thank you for reading,

Beth x

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