Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lisette 1419

Hey guys!

After taking a few weeks time out from sewing whilst I settled into uni, I'm pleased to report that I'm finally back on track and have finished my first version of Lisette 1419. 

I used a medium weight cotton fabric that I picked up from Abakhan a while back for something ridiculously cheap like £2 a metre. Bargain! The collar is simply cut from a fat quarter of plain white cotton. Don't you just love Peter Pan collars?

I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, aside from changing the skirt pleats to gathers, which I prefer. This dress is so perfect for the transitional autumn-winter period; it goes well with all my cardigans, has sleeves, and can fit my petticoat underneath as an extra layer. 

I must admit, I'm thrilled to have settled down into a new project after such a long break from sewing. This dress is such a good addition to my handmade wardrobe, I'm sure I'll be wearing it long into the autumn. 

In other news, I celebrated my nineteenth birthday on Saturday and got an overlocker! After about an hour of unsuccessfully trying to thread it correctly, I gave up and left it at home - I'll have another attempt the next time I go for a weekend visit. Any tips? 

And finally, I feel like I should apologise, to myself as much as you guys, for the delay in blogging September's Love at First Stitch make, the Margot Pyjamas. I was doing really nicely with sticking to the schedule I set for myself when the competition was first announced, but with everything that's been going on around here recently, I've fallen a little behind. So for that, I'm really sorry, but please bear with me and know that I aim to document the finished make very soon. 

As always, thank you for reading, and have a great week, wherever you are :) 

Beth x


  1. This is such a great dress, I love transitional clothes. Glad uni is settling down for you, what are you studying?

    1. thank you :) i'm studying welsh history, and really enjoying it so far, it's something i've always been interested in

    2. That is such an interesting subject! I am just finishing my undergraduate in medieval history

    3. awesome! i love medieval history too. we're studying the fourteenth century for one of my modules. i hope you do well! :)