Thursday, 16 October 2014

Starry Night


Ever get given a piece of advice that you ignore then wish you'd heeded? 

I found this gorgeous starry fabric at the market back at home when I visited for my birthday, and immediately thought that it would be perfect for a dress. It's navy - one of my signature colours - and so gorgeous. However, when I asked if I could have two metres of it, the stallholder seemed confused. On realising I meant to make a dress, she looked a little doubtful. 

'It is Christmas fabric, you know? Are you sure it should be a dress?' 

I did know it was Christmas fabric, but I still thought it was pretty and I couldn't see what the problem was, so I went ahead and bought it. 

Ah, so that's the problem. 

It took me four rounds of photos to get to this stage, and it still looks fairly awful. This is my fourth Anna dress, from By Hand London, but even the brilliance of my favourite pattern does nothing to help with the fabric issue. 

I assumed the little golden stars would stay just that - little and golden. But they reflect the light strangely, almost merging together to make me look like I'm shimmering. It's odd, and I really don't think I like it. 

I've asked the girls in my building their opinion, and they all seemed to like it, so I came to two possible conclusions - either the light in my room is at fault for the odd reflection, and it would look fine if I was just wearing it out and about (they saw it in the kitchen where there is more natural light), or it looks fine when off the body, which is how the girls saw it, but not when I'm wearing it. 

Hmm...opinions please! Would you wear a shimmery fabric like this? Do you think it looks ok, or should I just give up and turn it into Christmas cushions instead? 

I hope you're all having a good week :) 

Thank you as always, 

Beth x


  1. I totally would wear a sparkly dress, but probably for parties and dressy occasions, rather than for everyday wear.

    1. that's a good idea :) i might do that. thank you!

  2. You should totally wear it. Firstly because it's October, so not long till Christmas (yay!) and therefore just the time for a bit of blingy clothing. Secondly, because you're a student so can get away with wearing anything. My stuff has to stand up to the scrutiny of the mums at school pick up time [scary].

    1. my mum thinks i should wear it too! :D i think i will, and it is true that students can wear pretty much anything, i've seen so many styles here that are so unique. thanks for the advice! and good luck with the scary mums :)