Monday, 7 September 2015

Completed (finally!): My Mustard Mama Vertebrae Cardigan

Hello all! How is everyone doing? 

The biggest news going on with me is that I have finally finished the cardigan I have been knitting since last mustard Mama Vertebrae cardigan. 

Yes, this project has taken me over a year to complete. However, very luckily, I am rather pleased with the finished result! I can see the progress I've made as a knitter since my first attempt at this pattern, and so hopefully my skills will be even more developed by the time I finish my third project (more on that soon!). 

I knit up the smallest size for this pattern, using a 4-ply yarn which took an age to knit. It seemed like for every ten rows I knit, only one row of progress had been made! I think from now on I'll be sticking to double knit...

That being said, the fine yarn has resulted in a really lovely looking cardigan. Obviously my shop bought cotton cardigans are the neatest of all, but you could never replicate that as a home knitter, and this will keep me warm over the winter! 

There's five centimetres of ribbing along the bottom and to finish the edges, which took the longest of all. Ribbing really is the bane of my life. I perservered for longer than my first cardigan though, which resulted in a deeper and more professional looking rib. Even my grandma was impressed, and believe me, if she doesn't like something I've made she tells me so! 

I planned this cardigan with my Mustard Sunflowers dress in mind, which it is photographed with here. I think it does go really well! 

The observant amongst you have probably noticed I'm not wearing my glasses in these photos...I need a new prescription but didn't want to change my frames, so I've surrendered my glasses to the opticians for them to put in new lenses. Hopefully I'll have them back soon (I've been walking round like a moron in my prescription sunglasses - even inside to watch TV!). 

Have you completed any knitting projects recently and, if so, how long did they take you? 

Thank you everyone for reading, 

Beth x


  1. Love this Beth, it's a gorgeous colour. I've got a purple jumper sitting around unfinished but I'm currently working on a Dr Who scarf! x

    1. Thank you Fiona! It was the colour I fell in love with...the shop only had it in 4-ply hence the looong time it took to knit up! Ooh, a Doctor Who scarf!! That sounds fabulous, I can't wait to see :) x

  2. This is so lovely on you, isn't it great to finish a project like that. And yay for grandma's who are honest. If my seams were even the slightest bit out, I always had to unpick

    1. thank you! yes, it was great to finally finish it off after such a long while :)