Monday, 26 October 2015

By Hand London: Kim

Hello everyone!

Long time no see...there has been very little sewing going on around these parts, and an awful lot of seminar work. Very boring, I know, but an inevitable consequence of uni life it would seem. Ah well, I have a finished dress to show you today, which I'm only just getting round to sharing despite the fact it was completed nearly two months ago. 

This is the By Hand London Kim, made with a simple gathered skirt (I skipped the tucks that come with the drafted pattern) and the sweetheart neckline option. I love me a sweetheart neckline, reminds me of my beloved Sewaholic Cambies. 

The fabric is a bordered cotton I picked up at Abakhan in Chester. I have a Belcarra Blouse made from the same fabric in a different (white) colourway. It's so pretty, right?! Unfortunately for me, it was slightly off grain, which means the border was tilted and my skirt is a slightly different length all the way round. Do I care? Probably, a bit. But I still wear it!

Arghhh the straps. They do not like to stay on my shoulders! I've had to resort to wearing this dress with a strapless bra, which is usually something I try to avoid like my life depends on it, but for this dress it's probably necessary. The fit is a little big around my bust, there's a bit of gaping if I lean forwards too far, but I don't want to pull it in too much and then not be able to breathe. I'll have a think and see what I can do - any suggestions? 


I may have a few complaints about this dress but it is made in some of the prettiest fabric I've ever owned, so I basically shut up and wear it anyway. I think it goes well with teal tights and my colour blocked Colette Astoria, so that sorts out the gaping bodice issue at least. Sweatshirts for the win! 

Thank you for bearing with me during my long absences...I'm trying to get back into the flow of sewing but it's just not happening at the moment. Sooo many essays, so little time. 

Still, here's hoping everything is well with all of you - and help me live vicariously through all your lovely sewing projects! 

Have a great week everyone. 

Beth x


  1. Lovely dress, especially the border print. I totally understand the uni frustrations. Best of luck with your seminar work