Friday, 6 November 2015

A Stripey Sewaholic Renfrew

Hey guys!

Yes, it's another long-completed garment in the absence of any current sewing projects to share with you, although I'm going home for Reading Week today (sort of the uni equivalent of a half term) and am definitely planning to get some sewing done in the evenings this week after I've worked on my essays during the day. 
So, here it is, a Sewaholic Renfrew...this time not hacked into a dress!
I've made three Renfrew dresses, but never made up the top as patterned, so this was a new one for me. Stripes do not photograph well, so I sincerely apologise for the blurriness here! 

I'm not hugely convinced by the finished result. My fabric was fairly lightweight with not too much stretch, so the fit is a bit strange in places, especially around the neckline and the sleeves. Pulling the neckband tight enough was a bit of a nightmare - I ended up sewing a dart on each side, extending from the neckline into the shoulders. Still, it's definitely wearable, and another handmade top to add to the wardrobe! 

A very unattractive photo of my back for you to enjoy... 
I made up the smallest size as per usual, which was the right choice. The fit, bar the issues being caused by the odd fabric, is just how I like it. I can't stand my clothes to have too much ease, especially knit garments. 

You can get a better look at the neckline here, which in truth is a bit of a mess. If I make another version of this top I would definitely plump for something with a bit of a heavier weight and a bit more stretch to be able to cope with the neckband. At least I've learnt my lesson! 
Thank you for reading everyone, and for bearing with me through the long absences! I've just about finished off a burgundy cord BHL Elisalex Skirt, so stay tuned for that one within the next few days. 
Have a great weekend! 
Beth x

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