Saturday, 13 September 2014

OWOP 2014: The Anna Dress

As many of you are probably already aware, One Week One Pattern has been taking place this week, and I opted to go for wearing my three versions of the By Hand London Anna Dress. Seven days of wearing our most tried and tested pattern sounded like an excellent idea to me, and the challenge has been one I really enjoyed - though I must admit I'm glad to be able to put on my beloved dungarees again this morning instead! 

Here is my documentation of the week: 

Day 1: Strawberry Anna
Worn simply with navy tights as I didn't leave the house on this day! (Doctor Who DVD marathon anyone?) 

Day 2: Rosebud Anna 
Worn with my pink cardigan, tights and ballet flats for a walk into town and seeing my boyfriend for lunch. 

Day 3: Strawberry Anna 
Worn with tights (has anyone else noticed the subtle temperature change allowing tights to be worn again?) and my vintage Liberty neck-scarf. 

Day 4: Cloud 9 Blossom Festival Anna
I think this is probably my favourite documentation picture of the week - I just adore the bright print of this beautiful bordered fabric. Worn with tights and my red cardigan for a walk into town to find the best bag making fabric ever! 

The best bag making fabric EVER! 

Day 5: Rosebud Anna
Another lazy day at home means this was simply worn with navy tights. Yes, I have gotten through an awful lot of DVDs this week (but a lot of knitting progress has been made too!) 

Day 6: Cloud 9 Blossom Festival Anna
Getting bored of these pictures yet?! I have to confess I did get a little bored of taking them - but this dress more than makes up for it, I love it so! 

Day 7: Strawberry Anna
Worn with tights and my red cardigan, this dress saw the most number of wears this week at three. Aaaaand woop! That's it, challenge completed! 

What I Learnt from the OWOP Experience: 

One Week, One Pattern was a challenge that really appealed to me, as I love the idea of celebrating those patterns we hold so dear to us, used time and time again. What I did realise during the challenge, was that although in some ways a dress may be seen as an easier option to go for than a separate, as it is more or less a whole outfit just on its own, more variation from day to day could probably be found by choosing a pattern that creates just one half of an outfit, like a blouse or skirt. 

However, despite this, I found the challenge to be an exciting one, trying to find different ways to style my outfit each day so they didn't look too similar, and after a whole week of wearing nothing but the Anna Dress, there is now absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is simply the BEST DRESS PATTERN IN THE UNIVERSE! It's so stylish, comfortable and easy to wear - I could sew up ten of these and still not get bored. For now though, I have a lot of other winter sewing projects on the brain, including a corduroy dungaree dress...mmm. 

Thank you for reading if you made it through this far, and if you participated in OWOP 2014, I hope you had as much fun as I did! I can't wait for the next one, and thank you so much to Jane from Handmade Jane (link to her lovely blog can be found in the sidebar to the right) for hosting. 

Beth x


  1. Super lovely Anna's. They look gorgeous and your choice of fabric really suits you.
    I chose the Grainline Scout tee for my OWOP and enjoyed taking part for the first time this year.

    1. thank you :) i like your OWOP documentation pictures - inventive to use mirrors at the railway!

  2. It was my pleasure Beth! Love your week's worth if Anna dresses and I have to agree the one on day 4 with the red cardigan is my favourite too! Very pleased you still love the pattern too! x

    1. thank you, and yes i am pleased i still like my dresses too! i was a little worried that they'd fall out of my favour after so much wear... but err, i must confess i did actually wear one again today, so definitely still a favourite! x

  3. These are all gorgeous. And I love the bag making fabric!

  4. Love that you still love the Anna after a weeks wear! It is such a great pattern.