Monday, 10 November 2014

Recent Aquisitions

Hey guys! 

No sewing news around here I'm afraid, I'm at home for Reading Week (the uni equivalent of a half term) and didn't want to lug my sewing machine on the train. Plus, I've been busy moving all my belongings out of my bedroom so it can be redecorated! The walls of my room have been a garish shade of pink for as long as I can remember which clashed horribly with the red carpet, but now there's a lovely colour scheme of pale blue and cream which reminds me of the sea and makes me happy. 

I've also been shopping! Sadly there are no fabric shops where I live now, which for a place twice as big as my home town is pretty disappointing. However, now I'm back home I could visit Abakhan in Chester where I did go slightly crazy at the sight of all the precut fabric lengths just waiting to be snapped up....

Want to see? Of course you do! 

This is a beautifully soft lightweight cotton which looks far more white in real life than it does in this photo. I want to make it into a full skirted dress that hopefully will still be wearable in winter months with a pair of burgundy tights. 

Again, this a lightweight cotton in navy with a little white flower design. Predictably, this too is destined to become a dress (a girl can never have too many dresses, right?) 

I've volunteered to make handbags for my university's Craft Club to sell at the Christmas market, so I picked up some of this pretty fabric which has a thick linen feel and I thought would be sturdy enough to use. 

Again, this is bag making fabric - just look at that print! 

I know, I know, this is the girliest fabric the world has ever seen. But I thought it might offer the buyers at the Christmas market a softer looking alternative to the darker coloured bag fabrics above. Plus, there is an absolute ton of it (about five metres!) so I should be able to squeeze an incredibly twee dress out of it as well. Let's face it, every little girl has wanted to be a ballerina at some point in their lives (no? Just me then...) 

And finally, this floral georgette just sprang out at me as being perfect for a blouse, and the darker background means it would be suitable for winter wear if layered over a long sleeved black top. 

So! That lot should definitely keep me going for a while and stop me feeling too regretful there isn't a fabric shop near I'm taking a trip to London next week so there should be plenty of fabric buying opportunities there too! 

I hope you all have a lovely week, and feel free to share your makes below so I can sew vicariously through you all in the absence of my machine! 

Beth x


  1. That is all really lovely fabric. I am madly sewing my wedding dress at the moment. The bags sound good, and the ballerina fabric is so cute. that's the best thing about sewing, being able to make ourselves whatever we want!

    1. exactly, that is why i love sewing too! best of luck sewing your wedding dress, i bet it will be beautiful :) and congratulations!