Sunday, 2 November 2014

Stripy Sailor Dress

Hey guys! 

Today I am proud to introduce my first EVER knit garment! 

This dress started out life as the Renfrew t-shirt pattern by Sewaholic, which I bought in a sale they had a while back. For my first attempt, I think this turned out pretty well! I shortened the bodice significantly and then just attached a simple rectangular gathered skirt to turn it into a dress. 

I did attempt some pattern matching because of the stripes, which you can see here on the sleeves. It is a bit hit and miss in some places, but on the whole I'm really pleased with how it looks. 

The one thing I did find hard to get right was the neck band - on the first attempt I didn't realise I had to stretch it, so when I tried on the dress the neck was just flopping forwards. However, in a surprising bout of patience, I unpicked and reattached the whole thing, which thankfully sorted the problem. 

This dress is super snuggly, I am sooo looking forward to wearing it this coming winter. Definitely look out for more Renfrews around here, they're so simple to put together! I don't know where poor knit fabric gets it's bad reputation from. 

So, with my sewing mojo back, I'm off to collect my jacket potato out of the oven :) 

I hope you've all had a good weekend! 

Beth x

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