Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Summer Sewing Plans

Hey guys!!! How are you all? 

This week my mind has turned to the lack of sewing output I've had recently, and how that ties into an absolutely brilliant opportunity I've recently been given. 

This coming summer - June, July and August - I'll be working as a waitress in one of the most beautiful hotels on the Isles of Scilly. 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, the islands have a gorgeous, sunny summer climate - and I need to be prepared! I am super excited, but there is one bit of bad news - my sewing machine can't come with me. That means I have to make everything for my summer wardrobe before I go! 

Five weeks into a new semester, my time is already mostly filled with the constant seminar work that comes with being a uni student, coursework, essays and, pretty soon, exams. Therefore, sewing time will be tight and if I want to get everything ready, I'll have to be really organised. I've put together a plan of some projects I really want to complete: 

McCall's 6503 shirtdress in pale blue nautical cotton

Sewaholic Cambie in soft, lightweight floral cotton

Yoke Top from 'Learn to Sew with Lauren' in a silky cotton lawn

New Look 6483 top in green floral cotton lawn (the red view in the bottom left

Vintage Butterick 7278 with pink floral cotton

My current plan is to cut out the pieces for every project before sewing anything, so when I finish one I can move onto the next without my motivation being dampened by the need to cut (is it just me or is cutting out patterns the absolute worst bit of sewing?). I'm fairly sure that with lots of different projects ready to go, a lot of procrastination time will be saved and everything will be ready sooner. That might even give me time to squeeze in a few extra makes! I've always been a pretty speedy sewer so I'm hoping these projects will be ready in time for a long summer away from my machine. 

Has your mind switched to summer sewing yet, or am I a bit early this year? 

Beth x


  1. I'd never heard of Scilly before, but I just looked it up, and it looks beautiful, what a great opportunity. Your plans look great as well, I love the green floral. Sewing around uni is tricky but it can be done. I did most of my wedding sewing during semester time, I treated it as a study break. Have you thought about taking any hand sewing over the summer?

    1. Wedding sewing sounds like a lovely study break, everything would have been so pretty :) ooh, I hadn't thought about hand sewing - what a good idea! That would certainly be easier to pack and take across. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  2. I'd be wary of McCall's 6503. The ease in that pattern is ridiculous, and it just doesn't work in some stiffer cottons. I weigh 106 pounds but I felt like I was wearing a canvas tent in my cotton version of the lower left-hand view.

    1. oh, ok then! thank you for warning me. i'll have to do some side seam alterations if it comes out too big

  3. I too have been planning my summer sewing! I've made two of the New Look 6483 tops in version C and they have become wardrobe staples. I always love reading your blog - you inspired me to take up knitting again!! How are you getting on with your cardigan? Can knitting projects be taken to Scilly? Good luck with your summer sewing. Fiona x

    1. I've made up New Look 6483 now (post coming soon hopefully!) and I can definitely see it become a staple for me too. I'm so glad that I've been able to help you get back into knitting! I love being able to help people out with their crafting :) My cardigan is thankfully coming along quite well - I've just got half a sleeve and the body edging to go. I am definitely planning on taking a couple of projects over to Scilly with me so I won't be totally craft-less for the whole summer! I hope all your summer projects go well. Thank you so much for reading! :) Beth x