Sunday, 1 March 2015

Knitting Progress

Hi everyone! Have you had a good week? 

A lovely comment from a reader this week reminded me that I haven't given you all an update on the progress of my cardigans in quite a while, so I thought I would do that today. 

As you can see, the green has quite overtaken the yellow! Made using double knitting rather than four ply, the green wool knits up much quicker than the yellow, so that's the one I've been focusing on. I want to have something finished to show for all my work! 

Dedicated knitters will probably be appalled at the slow rate these cardigans are moving at - I think I started the yellow one in August last year! However, I'm happy to only do a few rows here and there and am actually really pleased with the way they're progressing. Slow and steady wins the race! 

I hope to have the green cardigan finished within the next few weeks and then I can go back to working on those yellow sleeves. I may even be able to sneak in a few wears before it gets too warm. 

Have you got any knitting projects on the go? Do comment below, I'd love to see! 

Beth x

(ooh, and seeing as I'm living in Wales these days...happy St David's Day!) 

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