Saturday, 26 April 2014

Maxi Skirt

Hi guys!

Here's my latest make, a black maxi skirt made from thick, drapey cotton. It took little more than two hours from start to finish, but I did have some problems with the zip! 

When I went down to my local market to get the material for this make, I didn't bother buying a black zip to match because I was sure I had a suitable one in my stash. Rookie mistake! The only zip I had to use was a white one so, impatient to get on with sewing, I made do. However, when I tried it on, the zip clearly didn't match and I could feel my enthusiasm for the skirt waning. Not wanting to give in, but not wanting to wait until Tuesday to get a new zip (the next time our market is open), I pinched a black zip off a navy polka dot dress I had made a couple of months ago. The dress sizing had always been a little big, as it's a roomy tunic, and I could easily pull it over my head, so I just sewed the seam back up without a zip.

Now that I had the right colour zip, I painstakingly removed the offending white one, replaced it with the black one, and voila! I was finished. 

I luuurve this skirt! I'd seen a picture on Pinterest (below) that really sparked my interest in whipping up (yes, I've been working on my speed sewing!) a maxi skirt. 

Now all I need is a leopard print scarf and I'm ready to start rocking my new summer look. 

Happy sewing! 

Beth x

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