Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Look! Hedgehogs!

Hey :) 

Check out my latest make!

This is Simplicity 2685, view D, made out of the most adorable fabric the world has ever seen - hedgehogs! 

This was such an easy bag to put together, once I'd cut out all the squillions of pattern pieces. Everyone I've spoken to has 'ahh'd over the material, and now I've even got a request from my mum! Her birthday is coming up, so I secretly bought an extra metre of material to make one for her as well (shh, don't tell her!) so yes, we will have matching bags. And you say I'm not cool ;) Hopefully she will really like it though, and I think that is what matters most. 

I've been on the look out for a simple but stylish bag pattern for a while now, wanting to put together a few me-made accessories as well as clothing items, and this definitely fits the bill. The design is easy to construct, but the pleats and button add nice touches that don't leave it looking too plain.

Overall, a very satisfying project! What are you making please? 

Beth x

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