Monday, 16 June 2014


Wow, I've finally finished sixth form! Two years ago when I first started, university seemed like a long way off, down a path filled with exam related obstacles and, as exciting as it all seemed, it never felt like something that would ever really happen. But, of course, time did that funny thing of slipping away from me, and before I knew it I was filling out application forms, student finance letters and accommodation requests. 

As excited as I am to be heading out on a new journey and making the life altering decisions that seem to be accompanying taking a degree in Welsh History, I am of course sad to be leaving this stage of my life behind me. I've loved sixth form, and although towards the end exams seemed to be dragging and I got anxious to leave, I can now reflect on the nicer memories I hold of these two years, safe in the knowledge that A levels are finally over. 

During my time at sixth form, I feel I have really grown and developed my sense of self. In high school, I never really fitted in anywhere and spent a lot of my time drifting between several friendship groups, none of which I was really a true part of. This never bothered me, but when I got to sixth form I felt like I became a lot more accepted, whilst still being able to retain a measure of my natural social awkwardness (a method of self defence against some of the aspects of life I despise about my age group, alcohol consumption being just one - I'm completely teetotal, which many of my peers find just plain confusing). Of course, I also found a creative outlet in sewing, where I could express myself through how I dress, which helped a lot in gaining more self confidence. 

Sorry for rambling, if you've stayed this long there is some sewing coming up, promise! I just feel like I should document this journey here, as leaving sixth form is something I am only ever going to experience once, and I don't want to forget everything I gained from my time there. 

Now. Deep breath. And it's over. Goodbye sixth form, hello EVERYTHING! Living on my own for the very first time will sure be scary, but the possibilities it brings are endless and very exciting - cooking my own meals, beginning my own little online crafting shop, and finally gaining some independence. But, before then, a whole three months summer holiday stretch out blissfully before me. What will I do? I hear you ask. Sew, of course! 

Here are just a few of the many things on my To-Sew list for this summer: 

My sixth form leavers party dress, which will be Tilly's Megan Dress sewn up in navy polka dots and paired with black wedges. Mmm. This one is already on my sewing table, it just needs some sleeve additions and a hem! 

A Cambie Dress from the gorgeous dragonfly fabric I got at Guthrie and Ghani, and a Colette Sencha made in the gorgeous blue drapey cotton you cam see on the left. I aim to finish this soon so I can wear it on holiday in France! The cool, light fabric should be just what I need in the hot weather. 

Another dungaree dress (pattern sourced from The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe), as this is currently one of my absolute favourite self stitched garments, seeing three wears in the past week! 

The Snowball Dress from Waffle Patterns. I saw this version as an entry into the Dressed to the Nines category of Sewing Indie Month and think it is absolutely gorgeous. For me, this is a dress I would wear on a day to day basis as dresses are my ultimate wardrobe staple, no matter how fancy (floor length excluded! I am too short). 

There are others, but I could go on all day and this is already a long post! Three months...mmm. A trip to the market tomorrow should see me with enough fabric to last a couple of the projects seen above. 

What are your summer sewing projects please? (and congratulations if you've reached the end of this ridiculously long post - apols!) 

Beth x


  1. I currently have three tops waiting to be started, all variations on a peasant style. Then I'm going to brave a vintage style shirt dress and see if I can finally have a top with buttons that doesn't burst open!
    The Cambie dress looks lovely, and enjoy France!

    1. thank you! your vintage dress sounds lovely! i'll be sure to look for pictures :)