Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Me-Made-May 2015, Days 1-5

Happy Me-Made-May everybody!

We're five days in and so far I'm really enjoying this year's challenge. I can already tell what a difference a year has made to my wardrobe - no repeat garments so far! What I had forgotten is how boring photographing myself every morning can be. However, I do like being able to look back and see what outfits I came up with during the month to help identify wardrobe gaps, so I'll persevere! 

Here are my first five me-made outfits: 

This outfit was worn to travel home from uni (you can see my suitcase in the background) and go shopping in Chester. It's a really comfortable top, but the neckline feels slightly too high when I wear it with a cardigan. I'll change this in future versions to be sure of a 100% wearable garment. 

Ahh, I'm back at home now and the awful self photography can begin - yes, I am standing on my bed! It's the only place in my room where the whole of me was in shot. I wore this outfit to the opticians and then just hung around the house, so a pretty relaxed day. I've worn this dress many times and always feel nice in it. 

A new self stitched garment! I absolutely love this top. It fits great (I cut a straight Size 0) and the fabric, a lightweight cotton, was lovely to work with. I wore this top to see my boyfriend and he actually noticed it was new! It must be good! This definitely won't be the only time you see this top this month. 

Day 4: Floral Dungaree Dress
This is a pretty old make, put together last summer before I went on holiday to France. There's definite room for improvement - I've learnt so much since I made this - but it's still a favourite, and really comfortable. It was worn around the house and to start an essay due next Monday. 

As long time readers will know, the Anna is a favourite dress pattern of mine; this is my third version. The sweater is a new make though - it's Astoria from last month's edition of Seamwork Magazine by Colette Patterns. I chose a gorgeous cream sweatshirt fabric with little flecks of colour and used a 0.5mm zig zag stitch to sew it up. The inside is so soft and snuggly! This outfit will be worn to travel back up to uni later today for the last craft club meeting of the year. 

So, there are my first five days of Me-Made-May documented. Only 26 days to go...

If you are taking part in MMMay15, I wish you all the best of luck and can't wait to see your outfits! 

Beth x


  1. These outfits are all lovely. You have such a nice wardrobe