Friday, 22 May 2015


Hey guys! How are you all? 

As you all probably know by now, I'm a uni student, which means that my days are mostly filled with a lot of watching Netflix, the occasional lecture and some essay writing. However, with my final exam of the year completed yesterday, I've officially finished my first year at uni! 

For those of you who don't know, I should probably point out at this point that whoever plans university timetables is extremely lazy. I now have a four month summer holiday stretching out in front of me and no ideas for how to fill the time! Any suggestions?

I've applied for a job in Fat Face (international readers - that's a clothes shop we have over here, I'm not just randomly throwing in insults!) but I'm not guaranteed to get it so fingers crossed. I'm also planning to take a trip down to London with two friends from my course, start cycling in an effort to get a bit fitter and of course...lots of sewing! 

My sewing plans are pretty vague at the moment. I'm hoping to get my first pair of trousers made, and make a start on all my lovely By Hand London patterns - I have Elisalex, Holly, Flora and Kim. I've also recently been asked to be a godmother which I am really excited about, so I would love to sew my new god-daughter some clothes as well, maybe as part of her christening present. 

I started out my four months of freedom by going out with some friends yesterday (I'm still living in halls until Saturday), and had a really lovely time. Not wanting to drink myself, I was able to watch in amusement as everyone else's inhibitions were slowly lowered. I stayed out to make sure my flatmate Medi got home safely, and then we rounded off the night by watching Pride and Prejudice as she sobered up! All in all, a really nice way to end my first year. 

If you have any suggestions for what I can do with the inordinate amount of time I now have on my hands for my summer holidays, please do leave a comment below! 

Have a lovely rest of your week and thank you for reading.

Beth x

P.S. I've just been reminded by a reader that I forgot to keep you up to date with my change in summer arrangements! I mentioned in a previous post that I had been given a job in a hotel on the Isles of Scilly from June-August. However, when I went for a trial run over the Easter holidays, I encountered some difficulties with the management and accommodation, so decided I would be better off looking for a job I would enjoy more closer to home :) 


  1. I can tell you lots to do in London - mainly fabric shopping though! ;)

    Did I not see you got a job in a café in cornwall? Have I just made that up?

    Congratulations on surviving first year!xx

    1. thank you! it's flown by!
      i am definitely planning to do a lot of london fabric shopping - i may even be able to visit the infamous goldhawk road!
      i did have a summer job in cornwall but when i visited for a trial run in the easter holidays, i had a few difficulties with the management and my accommodation, so i decided to pass up on the opportunity and apply for a job a little closer to home instead :) xx

    2. Better to find out before hand than when commuted to it though 😊
      There's a lot more choice at goldhawk but if you are on a budget walthamstow market (Karen at did you make that blog has an amazing guide I followed!) was lots cheaper! Got a feeling have to haggle a bit at goldhawk as prices aren't aparant and I'm no good at that!!