Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happy Me-Made-May!

Hey guys! 

Happy Me-Made-May! What are you wearing today? 

I'm wearing my Ditsy Daisy skirt: 

Apologies for my stupid expression and baaad lighting. But I love this outfit and am feeling really pleased that I've kicked off this month so well. From now on I'll give you updates on how this month is going every 10 days, which is five outfits since I pledged to wear a me-made garment every other day. If I get stitching I'm hoping to be able to crank up my pledge to a garment a day in next year's challenge! 

If you're taking part in this year's challenge, I wish you the very best of luck! Have a great day :)

Beth x 

(my boyfriend David arrived just in the middle of my self-photography and decided to be a pain!) 

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