Sunday, 20 July 2014

Crafting in France


The weather here in France has been sooo warm, so we've made the most of it and been exploring castles and medieval markets in the sun. The crafting skills people have down here is unbelievable! 

These are both handmade - earrings and a bookmark - from market stalls in Mirepoix. 

This ring is also handmade - the woman running the stall would make them to order, depending on how big or little your fingers are! So clever, I would love to be able to do this. 

Speaking of crafting, don't worry, I haven't left it all to the market stall holders of France! My sewing machine was too heavy for the flight, but I didn't want to surrender all project making for two whole weeks, so instead of sewing, I chose to do some knitting instead. 

Here's how I've been getting on. A little out of season for a scarf, I know, but with my limited knitting abilities it felt like something easy I'd be able to do if I ever had any free time. And it turns out I've had lots! 

My knitting repertoire basically consists of fingerless mittens, scarves and blanket squares, but one day I would love to be able to expand this to cardigans as well. For now though, I'm happy being able to knit up winter woollies for me to wear when the weather gets colder. Last year I made a burgundy coloured scarf with navy tassles that I wore on a school trip to Russia! 

This one though, will be cream with rainbow tassles. I felt cream would be more of a neutral colour to go with all of my winter wardrobe, and I'm so excited about getting it finished in time for my first term at uni. Over in Wales, I have a feeling I'll be needing this scarf a lot! 

Do you have any recommendations for a good beginner knitter book? I'd love to be able to expand my skills but don't know where to begin - knitting patterns baffle me! 

I hope you're having a good summer :) Now I'm off to enjoy a violet lemonade (seriously, they're awesome). 

Beth x


  1. Hi Beth

    I've just recently found your blog after searching the net for people's Megan dresses and seeing your lovely blue polka dot one.

    For knitting, I'd really recommend the book Knitty Gritty. You'll be whipping up cardigans in no time.

    Enjoy your holiday.


    1. thank you for the advice! its really appreciated. i'm back from france now so should be able to order the book soon and have a go! :)