Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ooh La La! A Handmade Holiday


I've been in the south of France for six days now and thought it was time for a bit of a catch-up - so I'm here to share my homemade holiday wardrobe with you. It's so exciting! I've dressed handmade nearly every day since my arrival. 

Outfit Number 1 - my brand new purple dungaree dress! There are two awesome Liberty fabric covered buttons on there too but they're hidden by my cardigan (from New Look and literally the best cardigan I've ever owned - it matches with everything!) 

Outfit Number 2 - my Cinema Dress. This dress recently underwent surgery to chop a couple of inches off the bodice. Since making it in May it's only been worn a couple of times because I always felt it looked a little frumpy - but problem solved! Now it's perfect to wear on a warm, sunny day. 

Outfit Number 3 - my Bird Skirt, or in other terms, my first ever make! Apologies for my foot which has snuck into the bottom of the picture there...

Outfit Number 4 - my Cambie Dress! I love this dress so much, but I have to confess to not having worn it yet because the sheer amount of material that goes into making that full skirt just makes it so warm to wear, which for English summers is fine, but France is a little different! However, if the temperature dips this will definitely be retrieved from my case. 

Outfit Number 5 - my Bike Skirt! The Tour de France has yet to reach us, but be sure that when it nears this shall be donned immediately. 

Outfit Number 6 - a skirt made from the most beautiful fabric I have come across so far (and my foot, again). This is a new make that I've yet to blog about, mainly because it was initially put down as being a disaster! Lovely expensive material that I can only afford a metre of is usually turned into a gathered 50's skirt, but this time I wanted something a little different. Recently I was rooting through our cupboard-under-the-stairs looking for a picnic basket, and when I eventually found the picnic basket, a skirt sewing pattern was inside! Thrilled, I instantly put it to good use, but the finished garment measurements were missing, so after I'd finished sewing, it turned out the skirt was way too short! Frustrated, I left it well alone for a few weeks and moved on to better things. However, one night, inspiration struck and I got to work the following morning. A flounce! Added to the bottom! Ahh. Now the skirt fits perfectly and I love it a lot. 

Outfit Number 7 - my Yellow Dungaree Dress. This has been my absolute favourite thing to wear this summer. It's cool in warm weather, it's pretty, it's flattering and it's so easy to just throw on with a white top. Perfection. 

That's it! Seven me-made outfits to wear in France. I am so proud to be able to say that I'm at the point as a sewer that I've been able to pack predominantly self made clothing into my suitcase and know that I'll be able to wear them all. 

And, just for good measure, I brought a me-made bag! 

The hedgehog bag! 

Happy holidays :) Do you wear homemade clothing when you're away? 

Beth x

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  1. Wow, you have made so much. But yes I love wearing me made whilst away, always makes me feel happy.