Monday, 7 July 2014


Do you ever finish a sewing project, only to try it on and realise you've made a complete mess of it? I did, today. 

I had a spare day today and all the clothes I like to wear at the moment have been packed away for our upcoming holiday to France, so in my infinite (and questionable) wisdom, I decided to make another Sewaholic Cambie Dress to save me from my missing wardrobe crisis. 

I cut out all the pieces, I followed the instructions, I struggled with a wonky hem, but eventually the whole thing was put together and looked really nice. Pleased with myself, I skipped upstairs to try it on. 

What. A. Mess. 

Somehow, when I'd been lining up and pinning the bodice and skirt, I'd mistaken a dart on the front of the bodice for the bodice side seam, so the skirt side seam, pocket and all, ended up just a few inches off the centre of my stomach, a long way off being a side seam! Further to this, I'd unwittingly used a much smaller seam allowance when sewing the sleeves as suggested, so the bodice hung so low you could see the top of my bra. 

The utter disappointment I felt when I saw what silly mistakes I'd made was really disheartening, and I just left the dress on my fabric pile and went out to see my boyfriend instead. We met up with another friend of ours and had chips, which I've decided is a really good way to distract yourself if ever something sewing related goes wrong. 

After a few hours reflection and chance to calm down, I realised I will just have to carefully unpick the waistband, re-gather, and re-sew, this time in the right place, as well as unpick and re-do the sleeves to lift the whole bodice further up my bust. Before then though, I think I need a project that will actually go right! So tomorrow I'm going to make a simple waistcoat for my cousin, who has been after one for ages. I've used the pattern before and encountered no difficulties, so hopefully it should come together easily (fingers crossed!). 

For all of you crafters out there, I hope your projects run smoothly! :) 

Beth x


  1. My last project is now in a little ball thanks to being completely the wrong style for me, and I sewed the sleeve on the wrong way 3 times!!!

    1. oh no! at least i'm not alone in making these silly mistakes :)