Friday, 11 July 2014

It's Love

Readers, I have an announcement to make. Yes, it's happened. I have been overcome by a feeling so strong for a particular pattern company, that I could not restrain myself to simply ordering one - so I got two instead. Oh believe me, it would have been more, but there's only so far my allowance can stretch. You're probably wondering what this amazing pattern company is, right? Well......

It's Deer and Doe! Oh my gosh, how amazing are they?! 

About a week ago I was idly trawling the internet, on the hunt for a fab, signature style pattern that I could make as part of my university capsule wardrobe. I knew I didn't want anything from the Big 4, so I got a list of the companies who were involved in Sewing Indie Month and began my search. 

Once on the Deer and Doe page, I couldn't believe my eyes. Pattern after pattern of completely wearable, completely versatile and completely gorgeous clothes! Am I gushing? I'm not sorry. After about an hour of narrowing down my choices, I decided on these two: 

The Chardon Skirt and...

...the Airelle Blouse! 

The Belladone Dress was also a strong contender, but eventually I settled for these two as I had already matched them to fabric. Ooh, I can't wait to get stitching! I have a couple of weeks to wait yet though as I'm off to France tomorrow to watch the Tour and visit some castles (although hopefully I'll have time to hunt down a fabric shop as well!) 

Before I go I also want to share with you some fabric I recently acquired from Fabric Rehab. I won a voucher for here in a competition on Tilly's blog (Tilly and the Buttons) aaaaages ago and have finally got round to spending it! So, here goes: 

1 metre of red and white striped jersey to make a Coco Top (Tilly and the Buttons) 

2 metres of this gorgeous floral cotton, which I'm using to make an Anna Dress (By Hand London) with a gathered skirt

1 metre of this adorable Russian Doll polycotton for a bag! 

And finally...

2 metres of navy viscose and 1.5 metres of that awesome patterned viscose, for...yes, of course! The Deer and Doe Airelle Blouse. I'm planning on making one using the navy fabric with the printed viscose for the collar and sleeves, and vice versa for a second version.

Thank you Tilly, and Fabric Rehab, for the amazing material! I'll be sure to put it to good use :) 

Have a great couple of weeks. I'll try to hunt down a free Wi-Fi cafe in France to keep you updated with my fabric shop hunting progress, but no guarantees! See you in two weeks, and happy sewing :)

Beth x

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