Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Sewing Organisation


Today I wanted to share with you my new sewing boxes! I've recently been accepted at my first choice university to do Welsh History, something which I'm really excited about. With the move to uni looming, I've been starting to think about my student accomodation and the limited space I'll have to store my sewing stash. Admittedly this is, in comparison to other sewers, quite small, but I still wanted it kept neat and tidy. This is where my lovely new boxes come in. 

First up is the smallest of the three, which will be used to keep my sewing patterns in. This way they're all kept together where they can't get dusty or misplaced. 

Second is this gorgeous box which I'm using to store the odd fabric remnants that are often left over at the end of a project. It seems wasteful to throw away quarter metre remnants, even if it's not immediately obvious what they could be used for. They've been stacked in a corner of the living room in my house for months now (much to the frustration of my parents!) but now fiiiiinally have a home. Yay! 

The third and last of the boxes, which is quite possibly my favourite, is this beautiful wicker chest. It's full of all the pieces of fabric I own that are at least a metre in length. I'm more of a buy-it-sew-it kind of girl, so I don't have as much saved fabric as would be ideal (it would save a trip to the fabric shop three times a week!) but this box gives a lovely home for the fabric I do still have waiting to be sewn up. 

So, that's my sewing stash! Now that it's organised I'm feeling a lot calmer about moving it all into my accommodation, and glad that everything has a place. 

How do you organise your sewing stash, please? 

Beth x

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