Monday, 30 March 2015

A Tale of Two Tops

Hey guys! 

Today I want to talk colour palettes. Most sewers have one - what's yours? 

It's become apparent recently that I have two very clear, seasonal colour palettes. When sewing I think it's important to bear in mind which colours you wear most often, so that when choosing fabric and trims you don't get bewildered by the amount of choice available. This also helps in creating a cohesive wardrobe - if everything you make uses the same basic colour palette, everything in your wardrobe will match! 

For me, these two tops embody my colour palettes for winter and summer: 

Navy and white are my obvious go-to winter wardrobe colours. For summer, I tend to lean towards pink and white. 

To give an example of my colour palettes in action, here are a couple of dresses that I've been wearing this winter...

...and a couple of dresses which I hope to be wearing this coming summer. 

Now obviously not every piece in my wardrobe will fit into these exact colour schemes. Colours like red, purple, burgundy, black and green also make an appearance, but the overriding themes are certainly navy (winter) and pink (summer). This means that I've been able to build a real capsule wardrobe! 

To build your own colour palette have a look at your current wardrobe - are there any colours that stand out to you? When fabric or clothes shopping what colours do you naturally gravitate towards? Try picking two matching colours that you can build your wardrobe around, then add in other accent colours to add a bit more interest. 

I hope this helps! Thank you very much for reading, have a brilliant week all of you :) 

Beth x

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