Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I Made a Liberty Dress!

Guys! Guys! I made a Liberty dress! 

Months after buying some totally droolworthy Liberty poplin at an astonishingly expensive £25 a metre from their store in London, I've finally got round to sewing with it. 

Here is the finished result: 

Regular readers are sure to have noticed by now that I have a particular soft spot for the Sewaholic Cambie, which is the pattern I paired with this awesome floral fabric. 

This is my fifth Cambie, and I have to admit...three of those were practice tests for this one! They all went totally fine and are totally wearable, but I was so worried about wasting such expensive fabric I wanted to know the pattern inside out and back to front before making it up in Liberty. It's a good job I love the Cambie so much! 

At the moment it's still a bit chilly here in England so for now I'm wearing the dress with my cream tights and a red cardigan, but when summer arrives it'll be perfect with my gladiator sandals. 

The dress came together easily in the end, and I squeezed the dress out of as little fabric as possible so as to have enough left for another project - my mum suggests a matching bag! 

I made a straight Size 0 with no fitting issues, fully lining the entire thing (all my skirts/dresses have linings to avoid the whole sticking-to-tights issue). It is most definitely the most expensive thing I have made so far, taking the record off my Dragonfly Lilou, which you can see below. 

I really am a Liberty convert now, but how often I'll be able to sew with it in future depends on how much money is in my purse! It's certainly not a type of fabric that will be appearing on here regularly any time soon, but totally worth the occasional splurge. It cuts and sews so cleanly! I can't wait to try my hand at the tana lawn (I have a metre waiting to be sewn up into a Belcarra Blouse). 

I hope everyone is having a good week. I'll leave you with a photo of a pencil draught excluder I made for a friend... yes, he bet I couldn't make one! 

Thanks for reading, 

Beth x


  1. This is beautiful. I have a few pieces of liberty (from markets and vintage stores) but I am ging to find tried and tested patterns for them. It is just too nice a fabric.

    1. thank you so much! yes i totally agree that liberty fabric deserves a tried and tested pattern - i would hate to waste such gorgeous fabric! i'd love to see what you make :)