Monday, 30 March 2015

Another Top!

Guys, I sewed another top! What is going on?!?! 

I know I'm normally a real dress girl, but just recently I've felt drawn towards top patterns instead, so that's what I've been making. I figured there's not much point continuing to sew dresses if I'd get a lot more wear out of a top. 

This is another New Look 6483, this time in View B (the blue one on the top right of the pattern envelope). The shoulders on this version are a little wider than the first, which I like as I'm not so worried about my bra straps showing. 

The fabric is a drapey cotton lawn from Abakhan that I picked up the same time as I got the fabric for my first top, and I love it. The navy and white colour scheme is just perfect for me! 

Apart from me misreading a part of the instructions which led to me sewing the facing on wrong and having to unpick it, this top came together easily. I sewed the side seams with French seams to stop any fraying, as this fabric was a bit of a pest in that respect. 

The back! This keyhole is even nicer than the last one now I've had some practice with the technique. I used a little wooden button to fasten it which I really like the look of. Mmm...wooden buttons. 

I can definitely see more of these tops in my future! View D (green version, bottom right) definitely needs to occupy a space in my wardrobe. 

I hope you are all having a great week! Have you tried sewing anything a little out of your comfort zone recently? 

Beth x

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