Thursday, 20 August 2015

Colour Blocked Colette Astoria

Hello all!

Today is the last post in my summer sewing blog series, though in actual fact I've finished yet another project this week, so keep your eye out for that one! 

For this make, I used the Colette Astoria sweatshirt pattern from Seamwork Magazine. I'm not a subscriber, but I keep my eye on which patterns are released each month and if one takes my fancy, I buy it individually. 

The Astoria definitely took my fancy - this is my third, made using a combination of the cosy sweatshirt knits from my previous two, both of which were from Guthrie and Ghani. I cut the main body and hem band from my cream fabric, whilst the sleeves and neck band were cut from the navy. Luckily, the pattern isn't fabric hungry at all, using less than a metre for the whole sweatshirt. 

From start to finish, it didn't take any more than two hours to complete this project - such a satisfying sew! I know this will become a real wardrobe staple once autumn and winter arrive. I didn't encounter any problems, and am now feverishly hunting through the depths of the internet for more delicious sweatshirt knits. If you're looking to sew up the Astoria any time soon, be warned - I think it's addictive! 

The waist length hem suits all my handmade dresses and skirts, giving everything a lovely vintage vibe. I'd love one in burgundy...if anyone can link me to a suitable fabric, I'd be forever grateful! 

If you've stuck with me for all seven posts, a huge thank you and congratulations for reaching the finishing line with me. Now tell me, how is your summer sewing going, and have you begun to switch your focus to autumn wear yet? 

Have a fabulous week everyone, 

Beth x


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  2. I love this! So cozy! Once I manage to pluck up the courage to try jersey sewing (and buy an overlocker) I will be trying this pattern!
    I want to switch from summer sewing but I am going to Thailand at xmas so I still need summer sewing. I am trying to conquer a good fitting top so will just buy lots of cardigans if I finally can nail a good fit!

    1. sorry this posted twice for some reason!

    2. wow, thailand! i hope you have a fabulous time, i've always wanted to visit :) i do hope you find your perfect fitting top - i love the sewaholic belcarra if you wanted to give that a try!

    3. I have been looking at that but I have a few in my collection already so going to try muslin-ing (defo not a word-sorry!) a few different ones this weekend. I really fancy the Sutton Blouse by True Bias too! Need to keep my pattern collection to a minimum and use what I have, its taking over...

  3. haha yes i have that problem with my pattern collection too! i love the look of the sutton blouse, good luck with it :)