Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Hello everyone! How are you all?  

With September rapidly approaching and my return to university in chilly Wales imminent, my summer sewing has come to an end for the year, and instead I've turned my attention to garments that would be better suited to autumn and winter wear. 

With this in mind, I'd like to share with you a project which I am super excited to wear once autumn finally arrives! It's not just me dreaming of chunky boots and cosy tights right? 

This is a skirt hack of the Elisalex from By Hand London, made in a gorgeous patterned needlecord that I picked up from John Lewis well over a year ago. It is so comfy! 

In my infinite wisdom, I'd used some of this fabric to make a sleeveless, very ill-fitting top as a beginner sewer (what was I thinking?). As I'd only had a metre to begin with, this left very little fabric to cut the skirt from - just over half a metre at the most. To get the pattern pieces to fit, I had to cut the waistband in two parts and shaved off a couple of centimentres from the skirt side seams that go on to make the pronounced tulip shape. Because of this, the skirt isn't quite as full in the hips as drafted, but I am in love with the finished result! 

To create my skirt, I made up the Elisalex skirt pattern pieces as drafted (though I significantly shortened them before cutting from my fabric), then instead of attaching a bodice I simply attached a waistband, which I'd cut to correspond to my measurements plus a seam allowance. Then I inserted a back zip as instructed. 

Ooh, yes, and there are pockets! I borrowed the pocket pattern piece from the Sewaholic Cambie and cut them from a basic black lining fabric, which I also used to fully line the rest of the skirt so it can be easily worn with tights. 

Since sewing my first Elisalex skirt, I've been on a trip down to London where I picked up a metre each of burgundy and navy needlecord, and a metre of floral needlecord from Liberty London! 

Since its purchase I've been getting it out at regular intervals to stare at, but I know exactly what all my new fabric is destined for - more Elisalex skirts! I've realised what a fantastic wardrobe staple they can become, and know I'll be set up for a winter in Wales if I add a couple more to my closet. 

I also managed to get to the Victoria and Albert Museum when in London, somewhere I've always wanted to go, and as well seeing a gorgeous exhibit on fashion through the ages, I also found this: 

A tiny, single case on home sewing before 1900, containing a single hand operated sewing machine and other small items like knitting needles, beautiful thimbles and a heart shaped sewing kit. 

I had such a fantastic day out and am really looking forward to getting started on the rest of my winter wardrobe. Before then though, I have my final make of this summer to share with you, so tune in again tomorrow to see my third Colette Astoria sweater! 

Until then, happy sewing :) 

Beth x

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