Friday, 14 August 2015

Summery Sewaholic Renfrew

Hello again! 

As promised yesterday, I want to share with you my second Sewaholic Renfrew dress. The pattern itself is for a comfy, staple knit top - but we all know I can't resist a dress! 

I used a gorgeous sky blue jersey fabric for this dress, which has a LOT of drape to it. Due to this, I think, there's some wrinkling going on around the neckline, but I think the finished dress looks pretty all the same. 

As with my last Renfrew dress, I simply shortened the bodice and attached a gathered rectangle of fabric to create the skirt. Originally, I was going to add patch pockets, but I couldn't get them to sit right alongside the gathers of the skirt, so I gave up on the idea in the end. I also chose the shortest sleeve option, to make this dress suitable for summer wear. 

When I first started sewing, it never really occurred to me to sew anything other than woven cotton fabric. However, I've got several knit projects under my belt now and am definitely a convert. Something about jersey seems to achieve a professional looking finish; my knit garments always seem to be the ones my boyfriend fails to notice I've made myself - good enough, he declares, to have been shop bought. I take this as a compliment! 

Overall, I am really pleased with this make and know that I am not finished with the Renfrew yet. I'd love to make a top version in a stripy fabric! 

Two projects in, I still have five to document! Join me again tomorrow as I share my By Hand London Holly dress hack. 

As always, thank you for reading,

Beth x


  1. Love the colour of this dress. It looks really comfy. x

    1. thank you! jersey clothes are always so comfy aren't they? :) x