Friday, 14 August 2015

Treasure Trove Shorts

Hello! How are you all?

You've probably noticed it's been a bit quiet on the blog recently, and the truth is because I just haven't been bothered to photograph any finished projects! However, I've spent a good portion of today getting changed countless times to document them all, so stay tuned this week as I have seven (seven!) finished garments to show you. 

I'm going to blog them in chronological order, starting with the oldest, which means up first is a pair of BHL Holly shorts! 

Do you remember the bagfuls of fabric that were given to me by a family friend a few months ago? These shorts are the first project I've made using that fabric. I don't have a shorts pattern in my stash, so instead I chose to use the trouser pattern pieces of the By Hand London Holly, where I shortened the trouser legs and added a waistband. Voila, shorts! 

They're so comfy and cool, perfect for the summer weather. I also love how highwaisted they are - I can't bear anything sitting on my hips. Luckily they fit really well straight out of the packet, so I didn't have to make any fitting adjustments and they are sitting comfortably. 

The fabric is...quirky! I like the vibrant colours and pattern. It looks on the photos as if the legs have been hemmed to different lengths, but for some reason all my shorts, even ready to wear ones, look like this! Perhaps it's caused by the way I stand? Anyway, they are hemmed to equal lengths, don't worry! 

It was hard to pick which colour zip to use, but I eventually settled on a pale yellow to not stand out too much. It's inserted in the left side seam. The instructions suggested an invisible zip, but as I am still yet to buy an invisible zip foot for my machine, they never go in as neatly as I'd like! Instead, I chose an ordinary zip which does the job just as well. 
They fit well around the back as well! I had heard that shorts and trousers can be difficult to fit, but luckily I didn't encounter many problems with this pattern. 
All in all, I'm really pleased with these summer shorts, and am looking forward to making a second pair (though I may wait until next year as the summer weather seems to have all but vanished). 
Thank you for reading, and please join me again tomorrow as I share my Sewaholic Renfrew dress hack! 
Beth x


  1. Love these! They look really summery and such unique fabric. Looking forward to tomorrows dress x

  2. Stop, girl, STOP! These are seriously impressive! I love it!