Saturday, 6 June 2015

Completed! Mama Vertebrae Cardigan

Guys!!! I finished a cardigan!!!

This is the Mama Vertebrae cardigan by Kelly Brooker; I found the pattern on Ravelry. It doesn't have buttonholes so I thought it would be a pretty easy pattern for a beginner knitter like myself (when I say beginner, I mean I've never made an actual knitted garment before). It did come together pretty easily, but thanks to my stop-start knitting habit it's taken me almost nine months to complete! 

It's not perfect, there are some dodgy spots on the ribbing and some of the stitches are a bit uneven. However, for my first ever effort I'm really pleased with it, and know it will definitely see some wear! 

I had originally been going to knit full length sleeves, but I changed my mind halfway through (literally!) and made them cropped instead. I like the way the cropped sleeve style looks on me so I'm happy I made the decision - besides, if I'd have made it long sleeved it probably would have taken me a year to finish! 

Overall, I'm really pleased with the result. I've definitely been inspired to get my stitch on now that I have one finished cardigan in the bag, and I've already got going again on my mustard yellow cardigan

As always, thank you for reading, and I wish you much luck in any knitting projects you have on the go at the moment - I hope you're a quicker knitter than me! 

Beth x


  1. Love your cardigan - well done on finishing your first knitted garment. I'm still working on my first knitted jumper but am also a really slow knitter! Looking forward to seeing your completed mustard yellow cardi. x

    1. thank you! i'm looking forward to finishing my yellow cardigan too. good luck with your jumper! x

  2. This cardi sure turned out lovely! Even if it's not perfect, it shows that you are a quick learner, dear. I've been trying to learn to knit fot, like, 20 years and there's no way in the world I can get my tension right. You're the boss in my eyes!

    1. thank you! if you want to knit keep persevering, it will definitely be worth it in the end, and i'm sure your tension will correct with practice :) it's a lovely feeling of achievement when you finish a project, just like sewing!