Monday, 1 June 2015


Happy June everyone!

About a month ago in early May, I signed up as a participant of Jumping into June, a challenge hosted by Handmade by Chris. The basic aim was to sew a jumpsuit to celebrate the arrival of June and (hopefully!) some summer weather. 

For my jumpsuit, I chose Holly from BHL, and chose Version 1 with the shorts in the hopes it would speed up the appearance of some sun! 

Here it is! My very own Holly. I chose to centre my jumpsuit around nice, bright colours, so went with a colour scheme of turquoise and orange, which has always been one of my favourite combinations. 

I cut the sleeve cuffs out of a plain orange cotton, which matches the orange flowers of the main print perfectly. There are seven turquoise buttons down the front, with lurrrvely buttonholes completed on my new digital machine! 

There were quite a few fitting issues with this jumpsuit, but surprisingly not with the shorts! I stupidly ended up sewing the bodice waaay too small and ended up unpicking virtually the whole thing to let out the side seams and decrease the darts to give more ease around the waist. Afterwards, I remeasured myself just to check, as the size I cut usually fits perfectly. My measurements haven't changed in the slightest though, so I guess this pattern just runs small. Luckily, I didn't give up on it and I'm happy with the finished result! 

Here are some photos I took of me jumping into June! 

Have you got any summer sewing projects on the go? I'd love to see! 

Have a great week everyone, 

Beth x


  1. Love your jumpsuit! Hope we get some nice weather this summer for you to wear it. Which digital sewing machine did you get? I've been thinking it's time to upgrade by basic singer sewing machine but am not sure where to start looking! x

    1. thank you! i got a singer symphonie vi, from aldi of all places! it was £180, which i knew was good value for a singer so i picked it up before they all sold :) hopefully it will be reliable for me x

  2. Your jumpsuit looks wonderful, and very "summery" if that's even a word ;) And the jumping, great action photos there...

    1. thank you! ha, the jumping photos are not my best work...but at least i completed the challenge! :D