Saturday, 13 June 2015

Gardener's World Live 2015

Hello everyone! 

This is primarily a sewing blog, of course, but today I wanted to share with you my day at Gardener's World Live. This is an annual event held at the NEC in Birmingham, which brings together a combination of show gardens, floral marquee displays and horticultural businesses, as well as linking up with the Good Food Festival where there are lots of free food samples to try! 

I've been to the event a few times in the past, and it never fails to provide a really lovely day's entertainment. Soaking up the atmosphere of people enjoying the plants, getting inspiration from the gardens and flower exhibits, choosing which plants you love enough to buy and bring home with's always a great day out. 

Today me and my dad went and listened to a couple of talks, one by Carol Klein (a presenter from the TV show Gardener's World) and one on caring for cacti and succulents. We also enjoyed looking round all the exhibits. 

Here are a few pictures I took during the day...

An amazing display of cacti which won Gold...I bought three little succulents for myself as well! 

I love alpines, but these ones were especially brilliant thanks to the gorgeous stone troughs they were planted in. Four of these came back with me for our new rock garden. 

Some of the bonsai trees were incredibly impressive. 

I love the idea of implementing a ladder amongst all the planting, especially with hanging baskets attached and smaller pots placed on the rungs. 

Maybe not the most practical sofa in the world but it's certainly very inventive! 

My favourite show garden - I particularly like the alpines planted in the gravel which helps to soften the overall look. 

This was a circular garden planted around a shed - you can see in the photo how on the left, the planting is based on cool colours like blue and purple, then as the garden moves round to the right there is a gradual transition into warmer colours like red, orange and yellow. 

I have about 200 photos from the day altogether, so I'd better stop there or I could go on forever! I hope that even if gardening isn't really your forte you have still enjoyed looking at all the photos; to me, a well planted garden really is a work of art, and though I'm not the most green fingered of people myself I love to go and look round garden shows when given the opportunity. 

I hope everyone has a lovely week, and thank you for reading! 

Beth x

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