Monday, 1 June 2015

Say 'Hello' to my New Sewing Machine!

Hello all!

I've had my new sewing machine for a few days now and I thought it was about time you guys were introduced properly. There's nothing actually wrong with my old machine, but as my skills as a sewer have progressed I've been wanting to upgrade to a machine with better features for a while now. Never fear though, I don't intend to completely abandon my old machine - I'm sure it will be pulled out for easier projects that don't require any fancy stitching :) 

This is a Singer Symphonie VI, a digital machine and, to me at least, super fancy! I'm used to my old Singer Tradition which doesn't really have any special features whatsoever, just your basic few stitches and a four step buttonhole. My new machine, however, has FORTY different stitches!!! 

To me, this is very exciting, especially as this includes three automatic one step buttonholes. Buttonholes have always been something I've shied away from as a sewer as my old machine used to throw a strop whenever I tried to make them. On my new easy! 

It came with this special buttonhole foot, which is designed to fit whatever button you're using on the back, then a little lever is pulled down from the top of the machine and fits behind that little plastic piece sticking out of the foot. From here, my clever little machine knows how big to make the buttonhole, then stops automatically once it's been stitched. Ahhh, sewing heaven. 

The machine itself came from Aldi (a supermarket) for £180, which I knew was a really good price for a digital machine like this, so I picked it up before they sold out. I know that supermarkets probably aren't the best places to buy sewing machines from usually, but I know Singer is a good make and I've had such good luck with my last machine, hopefully it will be reliable. Apart from all the lovely new fancy stitches (which I have of COURSE been trying out!) the machine works very similarly to my old one so it's not been too difficult to get to grips with. 

So, there we have it! I've already completed two makes with this machine and it really is lovely to work with. 

What kind of sewing machines do you have? 

Beth x


  1. This is so pretty! I have a Brother XL2600 which does fancy stitches but not digital...I would like to upgrade but just because I like new shiny things not because I need to...but on the other hand I do NEED an overlocker! ha x

    1. i love new shiny things too! i think getting an overlocker would be a really good sewing investment - they do everything! x

  2. Confession time: After reading this post I made my husband drive me to our local aldi...But they didn't have any in stock. :-( I have been considering purchasing a new sewing machine to upgrade my current one. This is such a lovely machine. I have a singer promise and although it is basic, it has served me well so far. x

    1. oh no! that's such a shame. i hope you find a good machine to upgrade to soon :) x