Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Me-Made-May 2015: Concluding Thoughts

Hello everyone, how's it going?

Now we're into June I just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on this year's #mmmay challenge now that I've completed my pledge, and consider the things I've learnt from taking part.
  • In order to have a me-made wardrobe which fits my day to day style I need to concentrate on making a wider variety of garments like cardigans, tops, trousers and skirts - not just dresses
  • There were a lot of days where I wished I had a me-made cardigan that I could pull on instead of having to rotate my only three self-stitched tops, so I've pledged to myself that I will buy and make up the Jenna cardigan pattern from Muse before the summer is out
  • I love wearing my me-made clothes. The whole idea behind #mmmay is to give sewers a chance to reflect on their self-stitched wardrobes and figure out what they love about them, which really worked for me. The challenge gave me the opportunity to fall in love again with clothes I'd forgotten about - like my Mustard Sunflowers dress - and give them a chance to make their way back into my regular wardrobe rotation. It also gave me the push I needed to get going on some projects I've been planning for ages but never started, like my Belcarra Blouses
  • It's fine to mix and match me-made clothes with ready-to-wear. I know some sewers who take part in #mmmay wear almost exclusively me-made clothes throughout the month, even going so far as to consider how many RTW clothes they're allowed to wear in their pledges. However, this is not for me, at least for the moment. Coats, bras, underwear, jeans - for the time being, I certainly can't see myself sewing any of these. For now, I feel comfortable with the idea of mixing my own self-stitched clothing with clothes I've bought RTW; some is better than none, right?
So there we have it - reflections and lessons from this year's Me-Made-May challenge. Are there any ideas you'll be taking away from this year's #mmmay?

Beth x


  1. Yay for you, Beth! We both made it through Me Made May ;). Nice to see your final thoughts. Like you, I would like to broaden my sewing interests and go beyond just dresses and skirts and an occasional bouse.

    I also agree with the point where you say it's ok for you to mix your me-made clothes with RTW. I mean, we all have those RTW clothes, right? (Well, ok, I do know there are bloggers who only keep their handmade clothes but they're few and far between.) So, since we already have them, we should wear them and do them justice. After all, someone worked hard to make them. Let's appreciate their effort, especially when we know exactly how much work goes into making a garment.

    1. yay, well done to us both! so true about what you said about RTW - people out there put effort into making them so they deserve to be shown off just like our handmade clothes :)