Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Brigitte Scarf

Hey guys!! 

Today I am super excited to announce that Tilly's book 'Love at First Stitch' is FINALLY here! And, to celebrate, Tilly herself has suggested an online party, where everyone shares an image of the Brigitte Scarf, the first pattern in the book! 

I was so excited that I actually made two. Here they are: 

The first is a straight band with pointed edges, perfect for tying in a simple bow. I made it in the same material as one of my dresses, so they will match perfectly! The second was a sort of pattern hack. I made a shorter band of fabric and attached elastic at each end to make a hairband. I love these scarves so much! 

Here are some pictures of me wearing one of the scarves with my matching dress: 

Below are also some photos of me wearing my pattern hacked Brigitte: 

I look forward to seeing you all at the party tomorrow!

Beth x

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