Sunday, 11 May 2014

Me-Made-May: Week 1

Hi guys! 

Here are the clothes I wore on Days 3-11 of Me-Made-May (every other day, as per my pledge):

Day 3: Refashioned Maxi Skirt. I wore this to my grandparents house and was given so many compliments! Everyone seems to admire the fact I wear homemade clothes, which provides me with a lot of motivation to keep going even when things are going wrong (like misbehaving zips!) 

Day 5: Strappy Cinema Dress. I wore this for the first time out to see The Other Woman at the cinema with my boyfriend - such a good day I named the dress after it! 

Day 7: Refashioned Maxi Skirt. I feel so nice in this outfit, especially at college. 

Day 9: Ditsy Daisy Skirt. Oh dear, wet hair photo! This was perfect for school with my much treasured Accessorize sandals.

Day 11: Refashioned Maxi Skirt... Yes, I know I have worn this MANY times since its creation, but I love it SO MUCH. I'll try not to wear it many more times this month though, but I'm not promising anything! 

I feel like I should probably come clean with you all and admit that I'm finding Me-Made-May more difficult that I imagined it would be. A lot of outfits that I made a few months ago when I'd first started sewing have a few fit issues that need rectifying, but with not a lot of time to spare I've not had time to sort them out, so my wardrobe is currently quite limited. It's also not that warm here at the moment, and since a lot of my makes have been summery in anticipation of the sun making an appearance, I haven't felt able to wear a few of my garments yet. 

I have got a lot of revision out of the way this morning though, so I plan on altering a few of the dresses that are gaping a bit, so you should hopefully see a bit more variation in my outfits in the next installment of my Me-Mades. 

How are you finding Me-Made-May? 

Beth x

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