Saturday, 3 May 2014

Refashioned Maxi Skirt

Hey guys :)

Last week I posted about a maxi skirt I'd made. However, it's not that maxi anymore! 

Here's a picture of the original garment. I was left feeling a little confused after this make. I'd been wanting a maxi skirt for ages, and was thrilled when I managed to put one together. However, the longer I spent looking at it in the mirror, the more I realised that despite it looking very glamorous on the model pinned to my Pinterest board, it didn't look that way on me. I just wasn't getting a good vibe from  it. Have you ever had that feeling where you think something looks fabulous on someone else, but when you give it a go yourself you feel very uncomfortable? 

Anyway, I put the skirt aside with promises to myself that I'd give it a run out during Me-Made-May to see if I would grow to love it again, as I had before I tried the silly thing on. However, during the week, inspiration struck! I ran a tape measure down my leg, cut off half the skirt, re-hemmed, and voila! 

My new shortened skirt was complete. 

I like this skirt a lot better now it sits just above my knee. It feels more inkeeping with my overall style, and it's still suitable for summer, which was the overall purpose anyway. The gathers also hang better without the length, and now I really feel good in this skirt when I put it on - it's already seen one outing since its refashion! 

I'm also thrilled with the waistband. I made it thicker than my previous skirts, so it sits at two inches now. It provides a strong band of support around my waist, perfect for tucking blouses into. 

So there's for my first refashion! (can this be claimed as a refashion?...if I'd have thought it out better I wouldn't have needed to!) 

Now I'm using the offcuts to make my very jealous mum a skirt of her own! 

Beth x


  1. It looks cute as maxi and short. I love the front detail, which pattern did you use?

    1. oh thank you so much :) I actually didn't use a pattern for this, I just transferred my measurements onto the fabric to create the waistband, then gathered a rectangular piece of fabric double the length of my waistband to make the skirt. if you would like one yourself I have written a tutorial on how to make one : happy stitching!