Wednesday, 14 May 2014

It's Arrived!!

Hey guys! 

Today I bring you the joyous news that my very own copy of Tilly's 'Love At First Stitch' is finally here! 

And look! It's signed!!

I was so excited when I got back from college and found the parcel containing this and the Coco pattern waiting for me! And I tell you something, this book doesn't disappoint. It is absolutely packed with sewing hints, tips, projects and ideas - of all the dressmaking books to ever be released, it has to be said that Tilly's is the one most in touch with its audience. 

Each page is a work of art in its own right, but together they hum with creativity and really bring alive the utter joy and simple pleasure of making things with your own two hands. 

Anyone know where I can get tights like these? ;) 

I love this idea of turning the Brigitte Scarf into a neck scarf - it has definitely made it on to the top of my To-Sew list! 

This version of the Megan Dress is completely gorgeous, and one I am definitely considering making for my end of year prom! 

This book has it all. Complete beginner to confident dressmaker in 200 pages - what else could you possibly want?! 

Happy stitching! 

Beth x

(P.S. I'll be at Lauren's shop Guthrie and Ghani tomorrow for Tilly's book launch - are you?) 

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