Saturday, 10 May 2014

I Really Would Rather Be Sewing

Hey guys :) 

Just taking a ten minute time out from A level revision. *sigh*. Despite the dreariness of it though, revising has made me think about how truly grateful I am to have found such a worthwhile hobby. Sewing. 

Over the last couple of months as exams have been growing steadily nearer, I've realised just how important sewing has become in my life, not just as a way to fill my wardrobe with clothes that are unique to me, but also as a way to funnel constructive energy that is being wasted at school as I put all my effort into creating revision cards that will just be put aside after I've finished my exams, never to be seen again. 

Not only this, but I have also found sewing to be a great stress reliever. Worrying about whether I'm going to pass or fail has become an almost constant concern for me, especially with regard to Psychology, the bane of my existance! Despite this though, I always have that option to put aside the textbooks for an hour or two and instead use that time to make something wonderful, and that in future I know will have far greater personal value to me than those educational certificates I, and everyone else my age, is working so hard to achieve. 

With summer fast approaching, and the blissful thought of three whole months off before I head off to uni, my mind has naturally turned to sewing projects. So I have begun to make a list of all the gorgeous patterns I shall be purchasing and stitching come June. Want a peek? 

*drools unattractively* 
Seriously though. Have you ever seen a vintage dress this good? I didn't think so. 

Ditto for this one. They just don't make clothes this good anymore do they? 

I'll be trying to expand my collection of tops this summer, when I have more time on my hands to get stuck into patterns that I'm not as familiar with. We're only 10 days into May and I can already tell that this is an area in which my wardrobe is severely lacking on the Me-Made front! 

Ahh. I do love a good pinafore. The one in the middle will do perfectly. 

And finally.....

Yes!! I shall be having a good bash at everything in Tilly's 'Love At First Stitch!' Have you ever seen such a great collection of beautifully designed patterns? No, neither have I. Mmm. First on the list is the gorgeous Megan Dress, and then, anything goes! 

What is on your summer sewing list please? 

Beth x

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